Repair Services and Products

Smartfix is open 7 days a week for your convenience. All repairs are done in our on-site workshop by our experienced technicians. Our turn-around time for basic repairs such as iPhone screen and battery replacements can be done in as little as 30 minutes. 

Hardware Repairs



Smartfix repairs touchpads, charging ports, speakers, various buttons, and we replace batteries and backcovers on all iPhone, Huawei and Samsung devices.

Smartfix uses high-quality, manufacturer compatible parts for many of our repairs. These parts are sourced from reliable suppliers which come with decent warranty periods to put your mind at ease.

For Samsung and Huawei phone repairs, we also have access to original replacement touchpads. Our warranty periods are specific to each part, original or generic,  ranging from 6 months to 1 year (strictly excluding physical or liquid damage).


Smartfix repairs all models of iPads from iPad 2 to iPad 8, and most of the iPad Pro models. We can replace batteries, touchpads, and LCDs. We also offer motherboard and charging system repairs.


Smartfix also repairs MacBooks and iMac for all models. We can replace displays, batteries, hard drives, RAM, and other smaller components.
Motherboard repairs are available for all iPhone and MacBook devices.


Software Repairs


Our technicians can assist with Android and iOS software-related problems. We can do software upgrades and restores on all devices, and will assist in any way possible to save your data.


Pre-Owned Devices

Certified pre-owned or CPO is a term used for second-hand devices.  All our devices are sold with a 6-month to 1-year limited warranty (excluding physical or liquid damage). Our devices are sent through a rigorous quality control check by our qualified technicians. Devices include phones, tablets, and MacBooks. Should you have any used products at home (broken screens and all), feel free to bring them in for evaluation. We offer a trade-in service where we pay you a market-related price for your unused devices. Check out our current CPO products here.


Protect your newly repaired devices with our range of quality accessories. Our range includes high-quality screen protectors, protective cases, charger cables, power banks, and earphones. These are also available on our online Shop.


Pick-up and Delivery Service

  Smartfix only has one branch, however, we can still service our customers who don't reside in our area. For a fee, we will collect, repair and deliver your device back to you. Click here for more details.